Chicilon Media Activities


Chicilon Media's revenue increased in May

Chicilon Media announced revenue growth in both the northern and southern regions of the country thanks to the effective use of advertising channels.

Chicilon Media expands cooperation with research company TNS

Chicilon Media and TNS Research Company are cooperating in market research, data analysis, and brand promotion, outlining their development direction for the future.

Chicilon Media accompanies Bay of Light Festival in Nha Trang

Chicilon Media isthe media sponsor for Nha Trang International Bay of Light Festival 2024 in July.

Chicilon Media partnering with Oppo media in Vietnam

Chicilon Media provides elevator digital media services, contributing to increasing Oppo brand awareness in Vietnam since their first years of entering the market.

Chicilon Media’s development strategy for the elevator advertising channel

Chicilon Media currently owns 37,000 advertising screens, covering more than 3,600 buildings, accounting for 92% of building elevator media market share that meets the exploitation standard, and leading the market.

Elevator Digital Advertising and Outdoor Advertising: Which has optimal communication impact?

Vertical Impression, one of the world's leading companies in outdoor advertising, conducted a study evaluating the impact of different types of advertising media, including outdoor billboard signs and elevator media channels.

From TV to Elevator Screens: A Compelling Shift for Advertisers

After nearly two decades of success of the broadcast television industry, there’s no denying that the industry is facing increasing challenges including the pandemic’s impact and the surge of streaming competitors. With these factors in mind, the shift to elevator digital channels (DOOH) becomes...

Maximizing Elevator Advertising Impact with Precision Targeting Strategies

With every new campaign, your agency is tasked with building an effective media plan that delivers your compelling narrative to a specific audience. You understand the brands’ objectives, the interests and values of their intended audience, and the importance of refining targeting parameters across...

Chicilon Media's elevator media channel effectiveness

Chicilon Media's 36,000 advertising screen system reaches up to 40 million users every day, providing media solutions for many businesses
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