Three “Formula” to help enterprises promote their brand and products

Three “Formula” to help enterprises promote their brand and products

Three “Formula” to help enterprises promote their brand and products

Three “Formula” to help enterprises promote their brand and products

Three “Formula” to help enterprises promote their brand and products

Three “Formula” to help enterprises promote their brand and products

Three “Formula” to help enterprises promote their brand and products



      With deep experiences in the field of operating buidling television system, Mr. Guo Zhi Feng - Founder and CEO of Chicilon Media Company shares three tips to help businesses advertise their products and brands effectively.
     According to Mr. Guo Zhi Feng, customers’ behaviors are extremely unpredictable, all brands are inevitable concern about the dispersed advertising environment. On the one hand, advertisements must be presented at places where key customers must pass by; On the other hand, it is necessary to select media channels with high frequency and least dispersal. In addition, the brands need to take in acccount their businesses status and the characteristics of each channel to make their own plans.

Focus on key consumer groups

     In the Internet booming period, consumers are having many options which drives branding effectiveness dramatically reduced. Marketing faces more difficulties; poor communication performance has become a topic discussed in many forums.

    The question is how to make communications be more effective to the target customers (educated people, owning financial capacity), helping to spread the brands to customers. At this point, marketing staff not only have to be creative in the planning for the products, but also to promote the right channel.

   Representative of Chicilon Media shared that, first of all, businesses should focus on key customers, be accessible at compulsory places that customers need to go pass by. He took the example of Toutiao (Chinese) software to become the world's leading news app worth up to $ 30 billion.

     Initially, this company advertised on almost every media channels such as TV, building elevator, Internet, radio ... However, by noticing the conversion rate of customers from the building elevator system is far exceeded other channels. Toutiao began to change strategy, focusing on promoting this particular advertising channel. This application is successful thanks to access to the right target audiences with education, income, high expenditure.

     In addition, the elevator is a must-have place for daily activities of the target audiences. As a result, Toutiao approached the right high-end audiences, directly transmitting advertising information and the brand to the target audiences. 

     "With the declining in advertising performance of traditional channels, the brand promotion growth base mainly on the effective approach of the new media platform to the key customers in the society. Building channels and cinemas have the capacity to reach this audiences effectively, "CEO of Chicilon Media emphasized.

Selecting communication channels with high frequency exposure and least dispersal

     Base on the experience of the Chicilon Media Chairman, the rich content on mobile devices has made the concentration of costumers to be dispersed, advertising effectiveness decreased. In the communication channels, displaying the ads in the elevator is being selected by many companies because of high exposure frequency, less dispersal.

     A typical example can be - one of the big food delivery portal service in China. Switching from school communication channel to office buildings, after six weeks, this app has increased 80 positions on the App store ranking. Average daily visitors ranged from 7 million to 35 million.

     "Advertising in the elevator is the point of view in closed space with compulsory viewing and low dispersion while there are high traffic and high frequency. Therefore, it will target the right consumers, " Mr. Guo Zhi Feng said.

    At the moment, Chicilon Media is one of the biggest building channels in Vietnam, covered in three major cities across the country with 8,500 Digital Frame devices, 5,500 LCD TV screens, more 27 million views per day.

    The company is expanding the media market, helping brands such as Foody, VN Today, Lazada, Tiki ... to approach right the target customers.

Combining different media channels

    The current media environment is basically divided into three main models. First is the traditional channel with television for instance has the advantage of high coverage and high reputation. Sencond is the Internet includes  Facebook, Youtube, Zalo with high intergration and interaction; Thirdly, advertising channels on screens at buildings with the advantage of speed and accuracy. If you know how to combine them, it will be much more effectiveness.

     CEO of Chicilon Media analyzed that according to the survey the number of viewers in three channels.
If the budget is high enough, the combination of 40% of TV, 30% of Internet, 30 % of the building elevator channel, reach level and return on investment may increase. If marketing budget is not enough, We are unable to use the 4-3-3 combination, we should move to 50% Internet and 50% of communication channels.

    In the case of limited budget, the business should analyzed their target customers carefully. If we target middle-aged and older people, we will focus on television, while the Internet is aimed at students and young people between the ages of 15 and 30 and the elevator is from25 to 45-year-old office workers.

     According to BrandZ's research data in China, over the past three years, if advertisement air on a "three-screen combination" of TVs, the Internet and elevators, the brand value would grow up to 44.6%, far surpassing from the units that did not advertise on these three systems with a growth rate of 24.6%.