Chicilon Media Activities


Chicilon positively communicates and join the community to fight against covid-19

It’s surely that with the strong and close policies, Chicilon Media is one of the leading anti-epidemic-conscious enterprises, contributing to supporting the outbreak of this dangerous Covid-19 pandemic!

Da Nang International Marathon 2019 awards: Chicilon Media reach the final destination

In August 2019, Danang International Marathon 2019 sponsored by Manulife (MDNIM2019) officially ended the last race. As an official media sponsor, Chicilon Media has also “reach the final destination” along with the athletes at this large event.

Chicilon positively cut down plastic waste and protect wild animals

Along with the acompany of Chicilon Media as a strategic communication partner, it is believed that the meaningful messages from the program will be widely and strongly spread, helping to raise public awareness in protecting wilde animals in particular and the environment in general.

Chicilon Media is in the top 500 enterprises with the highest profit 2019

This is the second consecutive year, Chicilon Media is honored to appear in the list of Top 500 most profitable businesses.

Chicilon Media sponsored media Golf VCG 2019 tourament

Chicilon Media - Pleased to be the sponsor, patronize of the official media, exclusive elevator of the building elevator for the Vietnam Top 500 CEO Golf Championship (VCG500).
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