cinemas nationwide

cinemas nationwide

cinemas nationwide

cinemas nationwide

cinemas nationwide


cinemas nationwide


key cities in Vietnam


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Media characteristics

  • Coverage: 32 cinema across 23 key cities nationwide, including HCM, HN, Đa Nang, Đong Nai, Đa Lat…
  • Ads type: Pre-show: Airing TVCs before films


    Airing time: 8-12 mins before film

    Bronze position (C ) → Silver position (B) → Gold position (A) →  Film

    Views: 225.000 views/ week, target audiences are young and open with new products.




Cinemas Network




Target Audience Profile of Cinemas Network


Cinemas Network Advantages

  • Right target audience: Reach the potential consumers and main group of consumers with high income, high brand recognition ability & high expenditure, who lead the consuming trend and can  influent others.
  • Reach 1+ via on-screen TVCs is much more memorable than that at other media platforms
    - Huge screen and sharp picture ads, delivering the BEST BRAND IMAGES. 
    - Vivid sounds and lighting concentration create audiences’ focus on TVCs. 
    - Passive ads with deep engagement and low ad avoidance. 









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